What Can You Do?

People are our biggest assets; our experience in the last decade will have us think no other way. Our biggest impact in those how are needy and sick is also possible only through our volunteers, friends and partners. We always applaud help in every form and ensure that we use to the best of our capability to address the need.

If our work is interesting and you want to be involved, please get in touch with us. We have volunteers from around the world helping us in our clinic and other areas. We will not restrict you to what you can bring to the table, your time if of essence to all of our work.

You can contribute your time, be a volunteer and learn and help in our daily activities.

You can be our public representative and help us with public relations and speak about us in other arenas like corporate’s, multinationals etc

You can help in fundraising for our non-profit initiative.

You can help with your time and be a counsellor at our clinic

If you want to donate, please click our donations tab.
For any other queries or questions you may have please write to us at info@localhost